An exponential shift in individual or collective performance, wellbeing & resourcefulness.

Greater levels of workplace effectiveness, and accessing overlooked levels of capability

Higher levels of engagement, connection and interpersonal rapport without extra effort.

A step change in communication effectiveness, leading to innovation and enhanced relationships.

A higher degree of resilience and becoming more ‘discouragement proof

Significant reduction in stress and ‘busy mindedness’.

A renewed sense of meaning and connection with others, and to overall purpose.

A base foundation of openness and curiosity, which acts an amplifier for any further development, connection, innovation and performance


Most change management or improvement programmes create incremental or, at best, linear benefit.
Quality of Mind is different, as the results are:


Quality of Mind creates major, transformative shifts in any aspect of behaviour and mindset. The shifts are not necessarily time based, and people can experience rapid step changes in performance, wellbeing and resourcefulness.

Wide in scope

Our benefit footprint touches work and home – participants report newfound abilities in leadership, collaboration, productivity, creativity, wellbeing, connection, purpose, resilience, trust, & problem solving.


Unlike courses which fall back into old habits, what we do is enduring and permanent.


Quality of Mind is for anyone, regardless of IQ, EQ, age, gender or culture. Everyone can realise transformative benefits.

No trade off

Many programmes are wellbeing for performance, or vice versa. Quality of Mind requires no compromise or loss, delivering both performance and wellbeing. For a small investment in time, there is only benefit.


Once realised, the likelihood for further incremental change continues. Potential that is unlimited, and yet to be known

At a team level

  • All of the above for the individual team members plus an enhanced sense of team synergy, ‘togetherness’ and alignment.
  • Releasing the potential (often to a level beyond what is predicted) of what that team is capable of creating and leading.
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What all that converts to in terms of ROI and value proposition depends on an organisation’s specific objectives. We would expect and can evidence exponential shifts in the ability of individuals and organisations to achieve their business objectives.

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