Quality of Mind changes our approach to everything we do. It therefore keeps adding value, at work and in our broader lives. Here are some typical applications; you’ll discover many more…

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1. Change Management:

To increase the speed, quality, and sustainability of benefits realisation from organisational change programmes.  Making change easier to accept, ensuring new ways of working stick, and even enabling self perpetuating change. 

2. Essential Leadership

The perfect foundation – attributes such as; clarity, resilience, fresh thinking, agility, ability to connect and nurture trust and are all crucial to any leader. Quality of Mind unlocks these in a sustainable and effortlessly way, without the need for technique or psychological strategy.

3. Strategic Clarity:

A good organisational strategy needs clarity, alignment and commitment. An excellent one has fresh thinking, synthesis and the emergence of co-creation. Quality of Mind enhances a leadership teams access to all these attributes.

4. Relationship-building:

Building high-value, enduring, trusted relationships (true partnerships), with colleagues, clients, and suppliers.

5. Contributing beyond the P&L

Forward thinking organisations now want be a force for good beyond just making money. Quality of Mind will unlock not only fresh thinking and innovative ideas but also enable the execution of new ways of working. 

6. Team Performance:

Realising the untapped power of high performing teams. Whether that is fixing dysfunctional relationships or going from ‘good to great’, Quality of Mind will unlock synergy and potential. Building high-value, enduring trusted teams with colleagues, clients, or suppliers.

7. Redefining wellbeing:

The definitive underpinning for a well workforce, starting from the right foundation rather than fixing wellness when it’s gone off course. Reducing stress, & anxiety and increasing connection, purpose and inspiration.

8. Selling ‘in the Zone’:

Unlocking the role of the mind in successful selling – not creepy techniques, but improving your deep understanding of the client and ability to find common goals & solutions.

9. Demystifying flow:

Understand and leverage the most powerful, yet misunderstood variable in business. If you tend to make heavy weather of some tasks, discover the elusive but simple reasons why some people breeze through challenges and complexity.

10. Breaking the impasse:

To solve seemingly intractable business problems and opportunities.

11. Igniting the Genius Catalyst:

Creativity is crucial to business and both powerful and fulfilling for people – yet often misunderstood. This programme enables your  teams to increase their ability to be innovative and creative, gaining fresh perspectives and waking their latent potential.

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