Does Quality of Mind really work? Or is it just a load of dressed up psychobabble? We’ve proven, time and again, that Quality of Mind produces a different order of organisational and personal change – and feedback shows that our clients agree

“This Retreat was fascinating, truly transformational. I loved uncovering something so profound, yet so obvious.”
CEO, Retail Sector
“In addition to the most profound shift in my wellbeing, I am at least 33% more productive!”
Commercial Manager, Global Chemicals Firm
I left the 3 days feeling like a different person, seeing the world in a new way. Since then more great things are just happening. I am less in my own way now. Can't wait to see what is next...'
Partner, Property Firm
“I can only describe my experience as transformation. I haven't experienced such a sense of well-being in a long time! The essence is so simple yet so powerful that it’s hard to believe one hadn’t realised it before. And the great bonus is, because it’s a way of understanding as opposed to tricks or techniques to do better, I didn’t experience the relapses I had after other programs.
European COO, SAE Institute
“True revelation. I feel like my soul and mojo have been reactivated.”
UK Head of Effectiveness, MWG
“The most amazing personal and professional development ‘course’ I have ever experienced. A ‘Sliding Doors’ moment in life where the track has changed”
Strategy Director, Consumer Agency
“Once you see this, there is nowhere else to look, the holy grail. I now have more peace, purpose, and performance.”
HR Consultant & Coach
“A true revelation. Everyone in the team got something truly major. I can not tell you how excellent, transformational and valuable the entire programme was.”
MD, Advertising Agency
“In 40 years of management training I’ve never come across anything like this, it’s really different and it can make a huge impact.”
Operations Director, Kerry Foods

Any case studies?

If these comments intrigue you, we would love to talk more to you about the difference our work makes in organisations. We would also be delighted to introduce you to some of our clients first hand. Alternatively have a listen to our podcasts, where past clients discuss their experience of Quality of Mind.

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