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What are our habits hiding? And what has that got to do with tomato soup...🤔

Here is something to get curious about...and you probably won't like it...so read on and neutrally lean into any resistance🙏

Notice what your habits are up to :


Excitement and motivation, or inspiration ?

What is the difference? Lets go beyond the words - words are useful concepts and are pointers but never the 'thing' - lets explore the nuance of what they might point to -

I am sure we have all been to even…https://lnkd.in/e5ncEt6d

Ever wondered what happens on Quality of Mind programme that produces the wonderful shifts you read about?💭

Well part of the foundation to the transformative effect is inquiring into the nature of 'what we are' - and we do this via a 'direct inquiry'


Going on holiday, the profound to the practical:

I've just come back from a lovely UK road trip with my two kids. We did a random emergent smorgasbord of cities, coasts, lakes, museums, history tours, theme parks, hotels, families, and friends.

💭 Que…https://lnkd.in/e2-qHy-T

Humans Leading Humans - Part Two: Leaders Being 100% Your Self

This episode is PART 2 is a conversation with the wonderful Katz Kiely, digital change consultant, and host of an excellent podcast show all about human centred leadership and change.

The e…https://lnkd.in/emGTpATc

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