Do you want to make lasting change? Quality of Mind changes our approach to everything - for transformative, not trivial results. It dramatically increases the speed, effectiveness and sustainability of any individual or collective transformation

How Do We Do This?

The content and nature of the approach is focused ‘upstream’ to that of more conventional methods:
       1. ‘Before Psychology’ and
       2. Based on Realisation

Quality of Mind facilitates an understanding of how the mind operates at an ‘upstream’ level: By that we mean before psychology, mindset, or behaviour. However it has a huge, but almost effortless impact on them.

It therefore accesses change at a more foundational and ‘meta’ level than other approaches and, as a result, the benefits ripple out wider and further – we can achieve more at work and at home, with less effort or conflict.

The approach and the resultant changes are realisation-based; not intellect, concept or technique based. Realisation-based change means people don’t need to strive, or work on their psychology or feelings to apply the new way of operating.  Instead, implications about anything and everything in life, become emergent and obvious. Change occurs naturally and effortlessly, and the paths for insightful action become clear and unchallenging.

What does 'exponential' mean for the nature of the benefits?


We create major, transformative shifts in any aspect of behaviour and mindset

Wide in scope

Our benefit footprint touches work and home – participants report newfound abilities in leadership, team development & collaboration, productivity, creativity, wellbeing, connection, purpose, resilience, trust, and problem solving


Unlike courses which fall back into old habits, what we do is enduring and permanent


Quality of Mind is for anyone, regardless of IQ, EQ, age, gender or culture. Everyone can realise transformative benefits.

No trade off

Many programmes sacrifice wellbeing for performance. Quality of Mind requires no compromise or loss, delivering both performance and wellbeing. For a small investment in time, there is only benefit.


Once realised, the likelihood for further incremental change continues. Potential that is unlimited, and yet to be known.

Quality of Mind changes our approach to everything - for transformative, not trivial results. It increases the effectiveness, speed, pervasiveness and sustainability of human potential and therefore true organisational change.
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