What exactly is the magic behind Quality of Mind?

What are we actually exploring to get the exponential benefits we claim?

With Quality of Mind we explore the nature of human reality, how it works, and what implications that has when it comes to our performance, wellbeing and resourcefulness. 

We explore the role of consciousness, the mind and thought. ‘What we are’ before we get to the ‘who we think we are’. We describe this as Before Psychology.

Science is at a turning point. The fact that conventional science has at best a patchy understanding of what  ‘sources’ the human experience, and the more pioneering scientists are now discovering that the ‘hard problem of consciousness’ is one of biggest unknowns in the scientific world. That has implications for unlocking new paradigms for realising how the mind operates.

From the profound to the practical

But we aren’t just interested in theory and abstract nature of our consciousness.  We help you explore and how our spiritual and psychological self combine,  and how that turns up day to day and what it means for life and work. 

The mind is vastly powerful, more than we know – you may have had glimpses of the enormity of this in your life. At an ordinary day to day level the mind is always running the show, so normalised and invisible, but it can be the difference whether meeting take 10mins or two hours,  whether we hire that future star employee or don’t, or how long it takes it to get through an inbox.

A silhouete of a man with rays of light emanating from the brain as a symbol of the power of thinking. Concept on the topic of psychiatry (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia), psychology, religion, science, spiritual growth.

So how do we explore that on our programmes?

Whether it is via a 1-1 or group programmes. We do two things:

  1. Initially we facilitate a rich and deep conversation and using interactive ‘thought experiments’, we help you realise some new principles about the nature of how the mind operates. 

  2. Once that has been realised, we explore the psychological implications in the context of your specific business outcomes. You get to realise how the understanding behind Quality of Mind ‘turns up’ in real time.  Then you will see the implications, and we will help you join the dots in an obvious and effortless way. The results can be non-linear and transformative.
Across the programme you will journey from the profound to the practical, an experience that leaves every participant feeling revitalised, resourceful, and most importantly having realised something game-changing about the nature of the mind and its contribution to every facet of life, and work.

Sometimes it’s easier to explain what we don’t do. Quality of Mind is NOT about…

    • Giving you tools, tips and techniques on how to manage your mindset, thinking or behaviour. 
    • Suggesting psychological strategies that others have used to their success that you can adopt to apply yourself
    • Getting to you to understand your self and personality and character traits

You might be thinking but that’s exactly what I would want to come on a programme like yours for!”

That is why we are going to ask you to think again on what you know.

There is another way that clients who have explored, found game-changing. But you are going to need to be ok with pressing pause on your current view of how unlocking exponential potential works….


globe, earth, water

What does 'exponential' mean for the nature of the benefits?


We create major, transformative shifts in any aspect of behaviour and mindset

Wide in scope

Our benefit footprint touches work and home – participants report newfound abilities in leadership, collaboration, productivity, creativity, wellbeing, connection, purpose, resilience, trust, and problem solving


Unlike courses which fall back into old habits, what we do is enduring and permanent


Quality of Mind is for anyone, regardless of IQ, EQ, age, gender or culture. Everyone can realise transformative benefits.

No trade off

Many programmes sacrifice wellbeing for performance. Quality of Mind requires no compromise or loss, delivering both performance and wellbeing. For a small investment in time, there is only benefit.


Once realised, the likelihood for further incremental change continues. Potential that is unlimited, and yet to be known.

Quality of Mind changes our approach to everything - for transformative, not trivial results. It increases the effectiveness, speed, pervasiveness and sustainability of human potential and therefore true organisational change.
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