Leadership development programme & team coaching, alongside staff wellbeing are essential for organisational growth and to future proof your business.
Quality of Mind Quiz enables you to find out where your organisation is and where it could be in 3-Minutes.

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Find out in 3 min how innovative leadership approaches can help unlock more performance, wellbeing and potential.

Virtual, one-on-one Coaching

FREE Assessment done in 3 minutes.

Leadership Development Programme & Leadership Coaching, Staff Wellbeing & Optimal Performance are in the focus.
See your score instantly! Above all, find out are you getting what you need from your current team & leadership development programmes!

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Identify key factors for consideration.

Discover what to focus on when selecting the right team development intervention. After that, see if the current performance or wellbeing approach are still fit to your organisation. Finally, learn about novel approaches to leadership development.

Leadership Coaching Recommendations in 3 min

Personal PDF report with detailed feedback.

Receive a personalised PDF report with detailed information tailored to your organisation. The Quality of Mind Quiz, the report enables you to learn what you can do to improve your leadership development, organisational performance & team wellbeing.

Team & Leadership Development Programmes that go Beyond the Surface, and Before Psychology
Organisational Culture Ready for Future Challenges

Nowadays, organisations need to evolve quicker than ever. To this effect, leaders need to recognise the need, nature and potential for change. Only then can they pivot to new ways of thinking and working.

In the same vein, many leaders believe that change inevitably causes disruption. However, through leadership development coaching, you can equip any team with increased agility, openness & adaptability. In addition, you can liberate others to instigate change for themselves leading to complete organisational transformation.

Increasing Leadership Potential and Flow States

For most organisations, leadership is their most significant variable in determining the scale and speed of its success. For example, the opportunity cost of having leaders performing at only 70% of their potential is high. 

A person is more than just what you see outwardly at work. The human potential is often hiding in plain sight. Failing to see this means we put limits on what we think leaders  – or teams are capable of.

Quality of Mind is a new approach of the mind’s potential that increases the performance, potential and wellbeing of organisations and individuals.

What People Say: How Quality of Mind Quiz & Programme Improves Efficiency at Work

Commercial Manager, Global Chemicals Firm: “In addition to the most profound shift in my wellbeing, I am at least 33% more productive!

MD, Advertising Agency: “A true revelation. Everyone in the team got something truly major.” 

HR Consultant & Coach: “Once you see this, there is nowhere else to look, the holy grail. I now have more peace, purpose, and performance.”

– read more testimonials here

Frequently Asked Questions

Read on below to find out what are the benefits of Quality of Mind training programmes. After that, learn more about the outcomes

After you click on the button “Start the Quiz” you’ll get a series of quick questions. It won’t take you more than 3 minutes to complete the quality of mind quiz. Based on your answers about the state of your current leadership development, executive coaching or team developments programme, we instantaneously send you a PDF report detailing:

  • How ready are you to try an innovative and new way to get a higher performance of your people?
  • Key factors for your consideration, including how to define leadership development areas and
  • Are you getting what you want, let alone what you need, from your team development

All of this information comes in the form of an individualised PDF report you can use to evaluate your current and define future team and leadership strategies.

In the sea of look-alike strategies for team development, leadership development coaching or staff wellbeing training in the UK, Quality of Mind stands out. Therefore, let us briefly explain why:

What Makes Quality of Mind Unique?

Numerous techniques focus on a single area of potential impact on organisational performance. On one side, some of them are coping with workplace stress, professional burnout, or mental health in the workplace. On the other end, others focus on improving company culture, corporate wellbeing or employee retention.

First, Quality of Mind leadership development programme & coaching enables a rich and profound conversation by engaging in ‘thought experiments’ we help you understand fundamental realisations about how the mind works. 

After that, we investigate the psychological and behavioural elements in the context of your relevant business outcomes. 

Finally, you begin to see how the principles underlying Quality of Mind “work” in real-time, in and in your business and home environment.

Find out more about the Quality of Mind Programme in a Series of Quick, 2-minute Videos.

Quality of Mind changes our approach to everything we do. It, therefore, keeps adding value at work and in our lives.

Below are some typical applications. However, we’re certain you’ll find many more.

  1. Leading by example: The ability to connect and build trust is a vital leadership trait. For this reason, Quality of Mind nurtures them specifically, without psychology methods.
  2. Change Management: Accelerating, improving, and sustaining organizational change. In Other words, Quality of Mind makes change easier to accept and making it self-perpetuating.
  3. Strategic Relationships Building: Creating lasting relationships with coworkers, clients, and suppliers. Naturally, a clear plan demands alignment and commitment.
  4. The Genius Catalyst: Business needs creativity, and people need it too. That is to say, we aim to help your staff get new insights and unleash latent talent.
  5. Awakening high-performing teams’ hidden power: Quality of Mind can help heal relationships or improve your performance. For example, building trust with coworkers, clients, or vendors.
  6. Redefining Workplace Wellbeing: Starting from scratch rather than trying to fix a faulty workforce. In practice, this means connecting with others. 
  7. Unlock the Flow State: The State of Flow is the most powerful yet misunderstood business variable. For instance, discover the simple reasons why some people breeze through issues and complexity.
  8. Breaking through barriers: Solve seemingly intractable business problems and uncover opportunities. 
  9. Selling in the Zone: Unlocking the role of the mind in successful selling – not the creepy techniques. Instead, one has to develop a basic grasp of your client and the ability to find shared goals and solutions.
  10. Strategic Clarity: An excellent organisational strategy has clarity, alignment and commitment. Even better, a great one also has fresh thinking, synthesis and co-creation.

We likely all agree – waiting for your employees to begin showing signs of workplace stress and burnout is not an excellent policy. For this reason, Quality of Mind aims to improve efficiency and productivity innovatively and proactively.

Realising Exponential Human Potential is our ultimate goal.

Next, an exponential increase in individual or team performance, well-being, or resourcefulness. You’ll also notice increased workplace effectiveness stemming from previously untapped capabilities.

For example, increased levels of engagement, relationships, and social connection significantly improve communication effectiveness. This, in turn, results in creativity and stronger relations.

Additional Benefits are:

  • Increased resilience and being more ‘frustration proof.’
  • Significant stress and “busy mindedness’ reduction.
  • A revitalised sense of purpose and connectedness to people and the bigger goal.
  • A foundation of openness and curiosity acts as an activator for further staff development, connection, innovation, and performance.
  • Enable your  teams to increase their ability to be innovative and creative, with wellbeing as a foundation.
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Leadership development & Staff Wellbeing with Quality of MInd
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