BESPOKE In-house

Our in-house programmes are the heart of what we do, unlocking exponential changes in organisational potential using the ‘before psychology’ approach.

We can design programmes to work with individuals,  teams or groups (a cohort of people from across the organisation). 

Participants will get all the foundational benefits of Quality of Mind and then apply them to specific individual or team organisational objectives, agreed up front, to deliver clear business outcomes and value.

a) Group or team Programme

Working with a group or team creates the biggest shift for an organisation – as you get all the individual benefits of understanding of Quality of Mind PLUS the collective synergy.

Whether it’s unlocking leadership potential, facilitating organisational change or realising something new about a seemingly intractable business challenge, our group programmes are bespoke to your requirements and designed to make breakthrough evolutions in your team’s thinking and ability. 

b) Individual Programme

A one-to-one coaching programme is the most focused and effective way for an individual to experience the powerful and often life-changing realisations unlocked by the principles of Quality of Mind, because the coach will personally design, deliver and refine the process and feedback with laser-like precision to your individual needs You don't have to be a business leader - Quality of Mind is applicable to anyone looking for dramatic improvement in all aspects of life, irrespective of experience, role or achievement.
A typical intervention consists of 2x120min immersive sessions and 8x90min sessions across 6 months.

C) 'Stepping Stones'

We recognise that due to the innovative nature of the ‘before psychology’ approach organisations might require a ‘stepping stone’ experience before running an in-house programme.

  1. We offer 3 hour taster/teaser sessions. These sessions are valuable in their own right, but also act as signpost to what can be available.  We don’t offer these sessions unless an organisation is contemplating a more comprehensive programme.
  2. We run open programmes which are an excellent way for individuals from a larger organisation to experience and ‘test’ the value of Quality of Mind before embarking on an in-house programme, or for small business owner/managers to attend themselves.
  3. Selected individuals from your organisations have some 1-1 coaching to experience first hand the power of Quality of Mind.
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