The most tailored and laser focused way to  unlocking exponential changes in your human potential using the ‘before psychology’ approach is via an individual coaching programme

We can design programmes to work with individuals,  teams or groups (a cohort of people from across the organisation). 

You will experience the foundational benefits of Quality of Mind AND your personal individual objectives and goals for any and every aspect of work and life

a) for leaders

Working as a leader has many aspects that, once elevated, can create huge value. From unlocking the magic of a team to, stakeholder management, to mastering risk and work-life balance.  

The individual benefits of understanding of Quality of Mind PLUS the collective synergy.

Whether it’s facilitating organisational change or solving a seemingly intractable business challenge, leaders have a huge amount to gain from Quality of Mind

b) For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are often a special breed, preferring the ambiguity, freedom, and buzz of being their own boss and variety. Yet sometimes lows can outweigh the highs, or work life balance goes and the mojo drops.

Unlocking the all-encompassing power of Quality of Mind, is relevant for every area of an entrepreneur’s resourcefulness

To really understand why this approach is so powerful and relevant for Entrepreneurs, see our testimonial videos

how it works?

Every individual coaching programme is bespoke. Typical interventions range from of 8 sessions over 6 months, to 24 over a year. It is entirely dependent on your preferences and required scope.

Our 1-1 coaching starts with a chemistry and scoping conversation, where we explain the nature of how Quality of Mind coaching works at a more transformative level to more conventional coaching

We discuss what you are looking for and how you prefer to work. Creating a set of coaching aims (which we reserve the right to change as we see the emergent nature of the mind!)

The most important thing is that you get a glimpse of what is possible and how the Quality of Mind coaching process can transform any aspect of your performance, peace, and potential.

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