The Process

Before We Start

We use a series of conversations to elicit whether this is the right fit for you and / or your organisation. We determine what specific organisational outcomes you want, to focus the experience.

Three Steps

Step One: Intake

Step Two: Immersion Workshop

Step Three: Embedding the change

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1. Intake

An individual 60-minute conversation with each participant. To understand what is important to you, what benefits you want to realise for yourself, and for your team. We also explain more about the nature of Quality of Mind and how to maximise the learning experience. It’s a personal and bespoke introduction so that when you come to the workshop, you can relax and soak up the insights!

2. Immersion Workshop

A 3 day exploration of the mind. During Days 1&2 we facilitate a rich and deep conversation and using interactive ‘thought experiments’, we help you realise some new principles about the mind.

On Day 3 we explore the psychological implications for your chosen specific business outcomes. 

Across the 3 days, you will journey from the profound to the practical, in an experience that leaves every participant feeling revitalised, resourceful, and most importantly having realised something game-changing about the nature of the mind and its contribution to every facet of life, and work.

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3. Embedding the change

Change can be instant & significant from the immersion workshop. However, there is also an infinite amount to see and realise, dots to join, as you go about your day to day business. We therefore structure follow-up interventions applied to your specific needs; including a one-to-one session, team sessions, and learning tips and resources.

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