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Spreading The Benefit

This understanding is pioneering and a game changer, but not many people know about it yet. That's where you could really make a difference

Either you have already yourself experienced the benefits of Quality of Mind to your work or life, or recognise its potential. Now there is even more reason to help others see the value...

How It Works

  1. Spread the Word: Share your personal experience or knowledge of Quality of Mind and let others know it could make a real difference and  impact on their life and work

  2. Refer a Friend: Invite friends, family, or colleagues who you believe would benefit. There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can make!

  3. Enjoy Your Rewards: When your referral becomes a paying client, you earn a referral fee of up to 20% of their initial payment. This could also be taken as payment towards further Quality of Mind sessions. It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us grow our community.

”But I find it quite hard to explain why Quality of Mind is so different and a game changer!”

Explaining ‘Quality of Mind’ can sometimes feel challenging, especially when you’re trying to convey its profound impact and technical nature.  That’s why we’ve equipped you with a variety of resources to make this process easier and more effective.

1. Utilise Our Resources:

    • The easiest might be our simple one pager signposts everything else
    • Podcasts: Our series of podcasts cover diverse topics related to ‘Quality of Mind’. Ranging from ‘Our Less Than 5 Mins Series’ to longer deeper episodes.
    • Videos: Visual learners will appreciate our collection of videos. These short yet informative clips explain ‘Quality of Mind’ principles and their application in everyday life. We have various playlists that answer different questions
    • Informative Content: Dive into our LinkedIn posts and Substack articles

2. Share Your Personal Experience:

Your personal journey can be a powerful tool. Share how ‘Quality of Mind’ has impacted your life or career. Personal stories resonate and can often explain concepts more effectively than technical descriptions.

3. Encourage Curiosity:

Invite your referrals to explore these resources at their own pace. Encourage them to ask questions and express their curiosities.

4. Reassure Them:

Let them know it’s okay if they don’t grasp everything immediately. Understanding ‘Quality of Mind’ can at first look confusing and unconventional

5. Point Them to Us:

For more in-depth explanations or specific queries, we are here to have 1-1 conversations or messages. Encourage your referrals to reach out to us for personalised discussions.

Resources to Share

  • The  podcast has the most depth to really explore Quality of Mind
  • We have curated into sections to help people find where they want to start
  • And we now have the short ‘Not Even 5 Minutes’ snippets section

Regular posts – giving us a quick often topical look into Quality of Mind. Make sure you ‘follow’ and click for notification to come into your feed 

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It’s More Than a Referral – It’s Sharing the Gift of Transformation

Your referral is the highest compliment we can receive. It’s not just about growing our business; it’s about expanding our community of individuals committed to personal and professional growth. By referring someone to you’re not just recommending a service. You’re sharing an opportunity for transformation and growth.


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